Monday, February 18, 2019

The DJ Booth Essay examples -- essays research papers

The DJ BoothEven while stand inside a DJ booth can be shoddy and obnoxious, the excitement of play medicine and controlling a huge conclave sends and unexplainable feeling through your body.When I first step into a DJ booth at Club Centers, located in the pump of Rochester, New York, my nerves start going crazy and butterflies hit my behave so fast it feels like I have to puke. Just the hole of three turntables and an eight-channel mixer in front of my face is like displace a little kid into a candy store. While stand in front of my tables, I look to my right and I turn around my grievousboard. This high-tech, silver plated sound machine stands slightly seven feet t on the whole with about three hundred switches and knobs that control high bloodes, low pitches, medium pitches and all of the digital effects. This soundboard is used when I put a glassy new record on one of the turntables. This will distort the sound quality of the song. The music sounds like a fire alarm , starting with a deep sound then rising to a high pitch screaming noise. As I look to my left, you see my beautiful towheaded light girl working my light board. While the music is playing really loud, she will hit certain buttons that will make multi-colored lasers go in different directions and make many different shapes. Also, while the music is jammin...

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