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Changes in Child Socialization Essay -- Sociology Sociological Essays

Changes in electric shaver SocializationThe assimilation of children has changed during the past century. According to Shepard 2001, child socialization is defined as a close interaction with a small egress of people-none of whom the child has selected-where the child learned to think and speak, internalizes norms, beliefs, and values forms some fundamental attitudes develops a capacity (or incapacity) for intimate and personal relationships and acquires a self-image. In the past, a child may have learned to be social through with(predicate) relationships at home, at school and at church. Today, a child learns socialization through relationships in many different situations.In 1900, twenty share of women in the United States had full- cartridge clip jobs outside the home. In 1997, this figure tripled to cardinal percent of all women holding full-time jobs. The percentage of men in the workforce has remained fairly steady, with the average holding full-time jobs being fourscor e percent. Stay-at-home mothers are becoming a rarity, as households feel the ask to increase income. With both parents working, children have become used to spending more(prenominal) time at daycare and school. Parents may be more in all likelihood to send their children to school at an earlier age when daycare cost are prohibitive.Children now participate in an array of extra-curricular activities, spending their time outside of school away from home. Some parents may feel this is a way to spend time with their child, if they are involved in train or being a spectator. For other parents, the activity gives them some supernumerary time while their child participates. Children learn to work in groups or as part of a team, while learning from adults and peers alike. Parents may or may not have a part in this fiber of... ...a/releases/98legacy/html.Moore, Kristen Anderson, Sharon Vandivere, Jennifer Thrle. Turbulence and ChildWell-Being. Urban Institute. (November 2001)http//ww, Are you Listening? Do Listening Skills Affect Learning? (November 2001)http//, Jon M. Sociology. Child Socialization. (2001) Wadsworth Group. Belmont,CA. Eighth Edition. Ch. 4 pp. 103-108.Trinity University San Antonio, Texas. Exploring Americans Attitudes TowardSocializers and Childrearing Recipes. (2001)http//, Steve, M.A. Focus on the Family. Protection and Socialization-Two Keys onThe Family Internet Use. (1998)http// search/papers/60002553.html.

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