Thursday, January 17, 2019

What is a relationship

Reid with all(prenominal) opposite to. Hat makes this family special is we bond together and we treat each former(a) nicely and are not disrespectful to oneness another-well crystal is special to me is she doesnt brag ab appear things and she doesnt cry over dumb things and shes variety show to one another. Crystal and recognized the kinship is when we started talking to each other a lot. Let all started back in the day 2011,we were at a party and I was eating food like unwashed and than saw her sitting down and I talked to her than we started to talk for a few than we have been friends since than.My relationship with this person is great ,we still hang out with each other and eating food, watching movies like usual. How feel round the relationship now? Is good like said we chill,eat,movies than more eating. What this relationship means to me is were just normal people , eating food with my exceed friend and its great nice to each other. I learned thru this relationship is were not always goanna be with each other even railyard we live 1 house down and not to be disrespectful. This picture will help me with other people is dont judge a agree by its cover like just be nice to one another.

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