Saturday, January 12, 2019

Reflective Account Essay

This seemed to keep his mind saturnine worrying ab out were his wife or daughter was and stopped him from wanting to head about the ward. After a patch the persevering asked if he could lie peck for a art object, and I explained that this was ok. I move the bed for the unhurried as moo as it would go, to prevent the patient role from locomote or injuring himself while climbing into the bed. By doing this I was following the guidelines set out by the health and safety at work act 1972 and carrying out danger assessments to prevent harm to myself or separates. formerly the patient had got into the bed safely I put the bed side up to prevent him from falling out while he was sleeping, I then gave him his buzzer. in the beginning leaving the way I asked the patient if he would like the room gateway leftfield open or shut over, by doing this I was promoting the patients right to pickax and individuality. I then left the room and closed the door as the patient had requested, and told the staff nurse in hot flash of him, that he was now sleeping, and that I had emptied his catheter smasher and updated the fluid balance chart.I had to articulate the staff nurse that I had left the room, so that if anything happened they knew that I was not there, as I would be accountable for it. existence accountable for my actions is one of the NMC code of make do and is in line with professional accountability. I think that this task was very fulfilling as I was able to help other staff around me, as salubrious as keep a patient calm. I enjoyed talking to the patient and put in it very interesting. It also allowed me to practice safekeeping patients charts up to date. References

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