Sunday, December 16, 2018

'Ibs Report About Foreign Essay\r'

'Largest waxers of agro products in the domain * First become with to introduce contract farming in Bangladesh to rootage the basic raw materials directly from the farmers * Over 54,000 farmers are working for us in different trigger off of the country * Number of Food company in Bangladesh with a total market share of oer 70% * Leading the market in altogether the category of viands line of logical argument in Bangladesh * Expanding business through setting up of production facilities in INDIA EXPORTING * 1997- First export to France 2010- PRAN exports all all over the Globe * 77 Countries * 6 Continents Pran to build firstly unusual plant in India Pran, one of Bangladesh’s leading processed-food and beverage companies, is to build its first foreign factory in India, taking advantage of the country’s recent decision to lift its toss out on Bangladeshi investment. The plant volition be built in the north-eastern Indian state of Tripura. It will initially produce jelly and drinks and is expected to come into operation by cc9 with an annual turnover of around Tk100 crore.\r\nThe company chose Tripura due to its closeness to Bangladesh. â€Å"We will be able to transport raw materials for our products from Bangladesh to Tripura very considerably due to the easy communications,” tell Paramuddin. He said there is similarity in lifestyle, culture and preservation between the people of Bangladesh and these areas of India, adding that this is one of the main reasons to take in Tripura. Negotiations have been going on between the parties have-to doe with about acquiring land for the project. India will assign a 10-acre industrial plot for the purpose.\r\nThe Indian authorities has also assured Pran of banking, electricity and otherwise fundament facilities. Initially Pran will employ nearly 200 people, including Bangladeshi and Indian nationals. Pran exports its agro-processed foods and drinks to nearly 70 countries, includi ng USA, UK, Sweden, Cyprus, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, reciprocal ohm Korea, and some Middle East, East and West African countries. The news of the new plant was announced at an ‘Export Sales Conference 2008’ of Pran Exports Ltd held yesterday in Dhaka.\r\nDeputy Managing Director of Pran-RFL Group Ahsan Khan Choudhury and other senior officials were present at the conference. ML Debnath, death chair of Tripura Chamber of Commerce and Industries, also spoke at the conference attended by hundreds of importers and dealers from different states of India and Nepal. Ahsan evince his concerns over different types of tariff and non-tariff barriers that the Indian political relation is imposing on the export of Bangladeshi food products to Indian markets.\r\nHe urged the government to help the business community solve those problems through bilateral discussions. inference … * We are a hard working overlord company * We are extremely focused on customers n eed * Good management & angstrom unit;amp; strong HR helping us to grow * We are very much compliant with purlieu & labor issues * We are component the nation while running our enterprises profitability. * Please confide us the opportunity, we will be your trusted accessory in the days to come.\r\n'

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