Tuesday, December 25, 2018

'Coca Cola Share A Coke This Summer\r'

'However, in reality the coca plant cola Company has a wider target grocery store beca use up the product is addressed to every wizard and everywhere. Usually the consumers (both males and females)who use the product are between 12 and 32 years old. Second, in the film we undersurface see that the consumers are purchase the product, this shows the reputation of the trademark in the brain of the consumers and a few seconds later we rout out see more people purchasing Coca-Cola in massive amounts which reflects the power, the preference and the homage that the consumers have to the Coca-Cola brand.In the video, after the consumers brought the product we can see them having fun, having barbecues, having arties and playing on the driveway with their friends, in that moment Coca-Cola is telling us the viewers that the purpose of this video is not only to show the popularity of the brand unsloped excessively that the company is not just or so selling goods to the consumers bu t to a fault selling events ( Examples: World cup and the Olympics) and experiences ( Examples: Walt Disney fast one kingdom and music/sports camps) to the consumers.Coca-Cola is the number one company of soft throw ins around the world, the valuation reserve between it and its is competitors is huge, so the reason that Coca-Cola peps doing the advertisement is not to increase their sales, but to propel people that Coca-Cola is here, is number one and the consumers should drink Coke once in a while(Hardball Peter, 2014) . Like this advertising and many others, Coca-Cola cogitate on the principle of sharing; not only sharing with families and friends but also sharing ecstasy, moments and experience. This attitude of sharing IS give away competitive advantage against their competitors which only direction on sales.Finally, the video is showing a strategy to put their consumers names on the tootles. The purpose of this idea is to create an distinguish or someonealized produc t for the customers for the spend of 2014 because in summer, is the perfect time to be with other people and share moments of happiness with everyone. According to the senior vice chairman Stuart Kerosene the message of this advertising is to drink a coke with your name on it and offering the event to another person makes these minutes much more â€Å" prodigious” (Money Jay, 2014).Another strategy for the development of this commercial was the flexibility to low the consumers to promote the brand crossways social media. Jennifer Whelan group director of Coca Cola North America says â€Å"Its about statement toward oneself, individual narrating and staying associated with companions. ‘Share a Coke takes advantage of those passions”. She also adds that â€Å"At the closure when teenagers see that the iconic.\r\n'

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