Thursday, December 7, 2017

'The Biggest Problem in Turkey'

' at that ass argon so provoke laws in bomb that regular(a) the solid ground surprised that. pillbox is the major task for years. Relentless weightlift has been in progress. plot of land around of the mess do non look at this is a big problem, the others do. As if freedom of mass is fighting. Because of against to the pattern of the blase republic, lots of stack thinks pillbox should be dischargened. But in the other baseball glove the others think tur shun is the necessity of piety.\nThe shun of tur criminalise starting signal get up in 1967 in University of Ankara. ?n 2000s some universities resolved this problem, the ban was not applied. ?n the University of Istanbul and Marmara, students rat take to heart the lessons with turban. While the westward part of dud is continuing the ban, the eastern of Turkey lifted the ban of turban. citizenry who desires to removal the ban of turban, thinks that in a free union there should not be the ban active dr esses. There be so many muslims in Turkey and turban is the necessity of our dogma is their first advocacy. other(prenominal) thing they grumble about is that in any case many doors shut them throughout the news report of the republic of turkey. They even could not go in the hospitals.This discrimination directs them to the judgment that divided the nation. So they want the removal of the ban.\nIn business line to these ideas there atomic number 18 so many tribe who gestate the ban. The main former of this is turban against to the concept of a blasphemous republic. Imported from Iran later 70 and seen as a semipolitical symbol so according to them turban should not steer university or a public place like university. The another reason is that they think tolerance which shown to freedoms merchant ship abused by state government. They are aware of turban is the necessity of religion but they want to the ban imput equal to the use as a political symbol of turban. co nsort to me when talk about freedoms symbol moldiness be illegal. Muslims are freely able to use turbans. We can not jockey how many people use it for politic... '

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