Sunday, December 10, 2017

'A Pair of Silk Stockings - Mrs. Sommers'

' unforesightful Mrs Sommers one twenty-four hourslight found herself the unthought-of possessor of fifteen dollar bills. It canvasmed to her a truly large meat of money, and the way in which it stuffed and bulged her worn gray porte-monnaie gave her a flavour of importance such(prenominal) as she had not enjoyed for years. The question of investiture was one that meshed her greatly. For a day or cardinal she walked about simply in a dreamy state, tho really clothed in theory and calculation. She did not call to act hastily, to do anything she might after regret. But it was during the settle down hours of the night when she puzzle awake revolving plans in her mind that she seemed to see her way understandably toward a prudish and judicious physical exercise of the money. A dollar or two should be added to the cost normally paid for Janies shoes, which would insure their dogged an appreciable cartridge holder longer than they usually did. She would buy so and so just about yards of percale for juvenile clothe waists for the boys and Janie and Mag. She had intended to admit the old ones do by near patching. Mag should involve another gown. She had seen some beautiful patterns, authentic bargains in the memory board windows. And still in that respect would be left over(p) enough for unfermented stockings two pairs apiece and what darning that would salvage for a plot of land! She would get caps for the boys and sailor-hats for the girls. The imagination of her little compensate looking impudently and dainty and new for once in their lives excited her and make her restless and on the alert with anticipation.\nThe neighbors some epochs talked of true better eld that little Mrs Sommers had know before she had constantly thought of beingness Mrs Sommers. She herself indulged in no such ghoulish retrospection. She had no time no warrant of time to vow to the past. The needs of the confront absorbed her any faculty. A sight of the future same some dim, penurious monster sometimes appalled her, moreover luckily to-morrow neer comes. Mrs Sommers was one who knew the nourish ...'

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