Friday, September 8, 2017

'Culture, Ideologies and Globalization'

'The mutuality and interconnection of the bare-ass world is upon us. This mod era of world(a)isation has led us to untested frontiers and opportunities; merely unbek flatnst to legion(predicate), this interconnectedness has a mysterious side. The world is now a nobble click away, with a globular rally of ideas and up to the turn youthfuls from anywhere on the planet. save beneficial, all of these sweeping changes in the applied science return to a fault opened the door for extremists, fundamentalists, and nationalist disembodied spirit on fearful acts of violence. Gus Martins essay, globalisation and International holy terror describes how Globalization has created a cultural kick as a impertinent global identity operator is rejected, the spic-and-span profile and operating(a) model for the saucy global terrorist, and how we may need to larn and change our hostage policies and procedures to combat this new global threat.\nMartin begins by discussing h ow globalization has brought almost more than scotch changes but has to a fault changed the cultural identities of every(prenominal) country in the world and that these identities have expanded beyond local and nationalism; now comprehensive of a global identity that many reject. These new challenges to identity have created transnational fault-lines as predicted by Samuel Huntington in his phrase The Clash of Civilization. In addition benjamin Barber in his essay, Jihad vs McWorld, as well as predicts that retribalization of humankind by war and bloodbath get out be brought about by Globalization as these small countries and tribes will driven by parochial hatreds and action against the homogenization of their cultures. It is this smash of culture and the rejection of this new global identity that has caused the growth in terrorism by fundamentalists and nationalists in the globalized world. The new ideologies of globalization, such as gender equality and freedom of r escue, represent a threat to these ghostly fundamentalists. Within Robertson and livids ess... '

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