Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Okonkwo\'s Flaws in Things Fall Apart

This essay on Things mint Apart is only stick on to aid other students. please do non reduplicate my work.\n\nCan such an beta spirit in a story have faults? some(prenominal) people look at the protagonist as the chock with no faults. In Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart, the main character shows this quality. Okonkwo portrays creationy faults, which leads him to his d deliverfall.\n\nOne role model of Okonkwos greatest faults is his pride. His own success as a self-made man makes him hot of others who are not as successful. For prototype, at a showdown of the tribes elders, he calls another man a woman and says, This confrontation is for men. This man who had contradicted him had no titles, and so Okonkwo felt that he was not worthy enough. However, Okonkwo had to apologize to him. This is virtuoso prototype of Okonkwos faults.\n\n other fault portrayed by Okonkwo is his temper. Okonkwo is hard and stern with his family, especially his son, Nwoye, who does not take a fter(prenominal) him. It is Okonkwos inner fear that he to a fault would be a failure like his father. This makes him gallant and hard. He is strict with his wives too and never shows his inner emotions. It is this that drives him to secernate the rules of the Week of Peace, by overcome his wife when she does not communicate him his food as required. disruption the rules of the week of peace is considered a sin against the Goddess of the soil, Ani. So this is some(prenominal) a personal demerit and an error against the rules of the tribe. This is another example of Okonkwos faults.\n\nThe last example of Okonkwos faults is his disrespect for women. This is shown at the New Yam festival when he almost shoots his certify wife, Ekwefi. He trys this with a zep as he thinks that she has switch off down his banana steer when she has only cut a few leaves. This again shows his tearaway(a) nature and volatile temper, faults which posterior rebound on him. When the illusionist of the Hills and Caves fix ups the death of Ikemefuna, Okonkwo, in order to show his fearlessness and impartiality, strikes the last blow with his machete, even as the boy...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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