Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Superheroes Are Not Human

Today, when the word hero is brought up, images of Superman, Batman, superpowers much(prenominal) as super strength, capitulum control, and super speed experience to mind. All of those argon cold skills and qualities. We expect superheroes to be estimable and save the day. We expect them to be perfect and never hole up. We expect the same let out of our leaders in our bon ton in our everyday lives. However, a tragic hero is a office who has a side of meat of power and an outstanding dent that leads themselves to their own demise. That fatal feature is usually the most pitying thing about them. This character is normally hotshot that acts on his or her emotions, which enables them to fall without beneficial time to stop the repercussions of their actions. In the play Antigone by Sophocles and the fable Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, we see two notable falls by the characters Creon and Okonkwo. Creon in the long run falls because of his arrogance and self; wherea s Okonkwo falls because of the fear of resultant up like his father, a weak and disrespected man.\nStubbornness and vainglory are what sends Creon to his demise. We see Creons downfall begin when he denies the burial of Polynecies and Antigone goes against Creons law. Creon demands that Antigone is install to death, acting irrationally and altogether out of emotion. Creon feels that all should imitate the rules set forth by him, even if other precepts, be it moral or religious, express otherwise. In this case, it is Antigones belief that the dead will never truly rest is they do not receive a proper burial, and Antigone wants that for her brother. But, Creon believes that no one should disobey his law, even if his laws are morally incorrect. By sentencing Antigone, his niece and soon-to-be wife to his word of honor Haemon, Creon loses everything important to him, consequently sparking his tragic fall. His own son killed himself because of the murder that his father has don e. scour though Antigone killed herself, its because of the actio...

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