Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reasons Why Marijuana Should not be Legalized

thither currently exists contr everywheresy concerning pot\n\n hemp as a medicine. M somewhat(prenominal) well-intentioned leading and members of the reality give been misled, by the well financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby, into believing there is virtue to their argument that smoking marihuana is a harmless and effectual medicine. A review of the scientific research, expert medical recommendation and government agency findings shows this to be erroneous. There is no exculpation for development cannabis as medicine.\n\nThe California Narcotics Officers Association consists of over 7,000 criminal justice professionals who atomic number 18 dedicated to protecting the earth from the devastating effects of amount of money ab uptake, whether cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana. We have seen firsthand the debilitating and a good deal tragic results, both psychologically aand physically, for those who choose intoxication as part of their lifestyles. We have analyze the medicinal theatrical role of marijuana issue, compiling information from medical experts to present to those we are give tongue to to protect. It is our firm belief that any drive that liberalizes or legalizes affection abuse impartialitys would set us back to the days of the 70s, when we go through and through this countrys worst drug hassle and the subsequent consequences. In the 80s, through the combined and concerted efforts of law enforcement and prevention and treatment professionals, outlawed drug use was decrease by 50 part. Teenagers graduating from the clear of 1992 had a 50 percent lesser chance of using drugs than did those who graduated in the word form of 1979.\n\nSubstance abuse rises whenever public attitude is more patient towards drugs, much(prenominal) as when wad say that they are safe and harmless. Other factors that contri scarcelye to a rise in use include increased availability, trim down risk with using or selling and lower prices . In 1993, for the first time in 12 years of steady decline, illicit drug use rose and continues to climb. A study contributing factor is a message that drugs arent so bad. To foreknow this just say yes campaign, some feel compelled to provide the facts on the use of marijuana as medicine. These well-documented facts will prove beyond a doubt that marijuana is not a medicine.\n\nThe movement to legitimize marijuana as medicine is not further by the pharmaceutical companies, federal Food and medicine Administration, wellness and medical associations of medical experts; but instead by groups such as the National giving medication for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the Drug Policy...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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