Monday, February 3, 2014

Stabbing Lies

Have you ever told a lie and enjoyed it, but in the end it comes back to bite you back? This happened to me in one-eighth grade at Kepner Middle School. That year was so in great confusion for me. Me bringing illegal contents and being caught didnt help. The last week of school before Christmas break, I walked into the big halls of the school. As I was shaking the melting snow off my clothes, the odor of lycee class and dish soap filled the moist lovesome air of the long halls. My hair was drenched from being asideside. It lead my ears freeze like an iceberg. As I made my saying up to my class style, I saw my mate Ana thoroughgoing(a) at the Kepner Dolphin Pride bulletin board. It seemed like everything in the halls was blue-green and gold, which were our school colors. There were dolphins everywhere. Ana and I made our centering up to the lockers come outside our first period. When we got there I whispered, Check this out! I pulled my sharp, s ilver and black, five adjoin clapper out of my pink and black Tinker bell shape purse. Oh!! she said fetching a step back man squeaking her miserly tennis shoes in the floor. During luncheon Ana and my other acquaintanceship Ashley got into an logical argument and had to be separated. After the argument Ana, her friend Amanda, and I were talking. Out of no where Ana said, I should knife that bitch Ashley. Randie you should bear me your knife! I spun around so fast I almost fell. What the hell is wrong with you? Were in front of the anathemise office! Amanda stood staring at us as I walked away, mad as a bull. We sit take down in our math class after everything had happened. My friend Alyssa and I started throwing things at our six foot tall, balding, saber tooth teacher, Mr. Clubine. bloke the security support came into the room and said Miranda, Amanda, and Ana come with me now. involve everything and leave nothing. I started shaking and my hea rt sank like the Titanic. I handed Alyssa my! knife and said Shhh. As we were walking down the hall to room 207 I let out a little...If you want to thread a full essay, order it on our website:

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