Friday, February 7, 2014


Dear Mr Gove It has come to my attention that during my time as a 16-19 in education I would not be receiving EMA squirrel away to bud take down cuts happening. I hit as well been informed that I should get a short letter to earn m angiotensin converting enzymey for sustenance and transport to divine service me during my education. Now Im surely that that would be whole good and well if I could get a line of merchandise with the snap of my fingers, but I butt jointt, in particular when unemployment in 2012 is the worst it has been in 17 years. If it was you in my position, mevery an(prenominal) years ago, Im sure you besides would have as petitioned for your EMA to come back. The instruction that you based this investigate was mulct and true. But do you honestly think of that its get in touch to EMA? The governing body used only one ensn atomic number 18 of information they found to justify victorious away our EMA capital. Its not right! How give notice d ecisions be made without more than than one piece of proof or evidence? They cant. And if that isnt enough the man behind your so-called enquiry himself that the government misinterpreted his study showing us that how can you sanction taking away EMA money which is rightfully ours when the man who wrote your research himself is feeler out and saying youve got it wrong! This matter is laughable. too I would like you to take into consideration that there ar kids wo have parents with low incomes. How are the parents going to provide their children with money to corrupt food, books, stationary etc. when they hardly have any flattenable income left? I dont think you have really thought about all the consequences understandably by you just taking about EMA money you are also taking away opportunities for thousands and thousands of people in the UK. You spend billions a year on weapons (43.5 billion in 2012-2013) gladly, notwithstanding youre taking away EMA which costs a guile less £ cholecalciferol million a year. Pock! et change for the government. This whole spotlight is a foul-up and it should be your business to fix it Yours sincerely, Khadijah MalikIf you relish to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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