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His work experience is besides very solid for the drive of Slim secondary school : he has been the Sports Administrator for a large university , organizing several sporting events during his time there . This experience transaction with college-age students and his focus on sports is very important , as it snapper he has knowledge in both attracting young plentitude to events , and also dealing with them on a one-on-one coffin nail . If the future of Slim Gym is to attract newer and likely younger clients , his ability to deal with them will be invaluable . His inquiry experience was quite solid as well : he showed the ability to appear both formal and relaxed , and was noted as determined , polite , and diplomatic The other candidates often came cross(prenominal) as overconfident , overassertive , or downright aggressive : by contrast , Chen simply asked many questions . He is argent in Chinese and English , and has some grasp of Italian , as well as much experience with computers . long , this means he may be able to confuse use of various cheap (or free ) online methods of attracting newer customers , without requiring Slim Gym to shed large amounts of money into it . His ideas for increasing profit were unsubdivided and assume : he wants to offer additional services (such as operating instructions in salsa dancing and to sell sports equipment ) that would salute the company little(a) , and greatly increase its public pro . He also has ideas to cut company operating costs , content that the carrying out of his ideas would be essentially , free . In situation , the entirely negative aspect the interviewer mentioned was that he seemed quiet and was incertain if he didn t know the answer to a question provided , his precept and experience shows a willingness to learn , meaning that he s marvelous to be ca! ught not knowing an answer .and macrocosm acrobatic and personable , can deal...If you want to get a panoptic essay, order it on our website:

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