Monday, February 3, 2014

case studies

CASE STUDY- 1 CONCORD GENERAL HOSPITAL. The times they be A changing 1.John Michaels was certainly convinced that he obligatory to claim a specialist to handle the myriad activities adjoin HRM. It was trying to make the change but he realised that the military group job was too complicated for him to do alone. 2. It was a potbelly easier thirty old age ago. He said, yet one needed to find a woman dedicate to serve welling batch with their suffering. Now there are so many conditions dictated on this hospital that their work is insurmountable I coveting we could return to the way it was thirty old age ago. 3.But john, remarked Jim Wilson, the rude(a) personnel specialist, most of the changes have benefited the nurses. And. 4.Yes said John, but wherefore should almostthing that benefits the nurses be so much of a constraint on us? We always treated nurses fairly and they respected us for that. 5. That whitethorn be true John but in the concisely period of time since I have arrived that some nurses are unhappy about their jobs. They are complaining that their even up is low and that there is neither upward mobility nor any bonus to motivate them. But they are here as nurses because they indispensability to abet those less fortunate. Their pay is adequate and with unemployment running so high, their incentives should be that they are in a service career. I see said Jim but what was Jim really thinking? I have my work cut out for me. QUESTIONS 1. What impact has Govt. polity had on concord general in the past 30 years? What is their Mgt practice? 2. What are the possible implications to Jim Wilson and the Org if he doesnt solve some of like HRM problems? 3. What advice and/or strategies would you give Jim to help him some this problem? Case Study - 3 (PERK-UP) 1. receive year and in 3 of the 5 preceding years Smithson Industries lost millions of dollars. Although a large conglomerate, Smithson has found these losses big(a) to! accept a sought to freeze...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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