Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Single Entries

Single door records scarcely unrivaled aspect of transaction, such(prenominal) as: - - Cash reliable from sale is preserve in switch register only - - Goods change on credit be recorded in the individuals account only - - When funds is genuine from the customer, to whom the something was interchange on credit, the receipt may be scarce recorded in the account of individual only geminate entry records twain aspects of transaction, such as: - - When good argon exchange on change the two aspects of the transaction argon - the seller has sell goods and bugger offd cash against them. The goods interchange argon benefit transferred to the emptor (Credit) whereas the cash received if the benefit against the goods sold (Debit). - - When the goods are sold on credit the benefit assumption is the same i.e. goods sold only the benefit received is non cash but a right to receive cash from the customer. Therefore, in this chemise Debit is given to customers accou nt (account receivable) sooner of cash. - When cash is received from the customer the right to receive cash ceases. So, the benefit received is cash and benefit transferred is the right to receive cash. Here cash ordain be debited and customer will be credited.
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