Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Should Madoff Be Allowed To Post Bail

Imagine you leave worked alone of your adult life to shape a hideaway fund. You have made several sacrifices to choose for sure that you have built up enough run into so that you can live your formative years in comfort. You have recently been approached by your investor about investing in a sure thing, after researching the investment and asking advice of family and friends you educate up to jump in with both feet and transfer your retirement card into the new investment. Everything fillms to be going well,you receive reports that your meretricious is growth faster than it ever has until one day you see your investor on the news. Your new trusted investor has just been charged with thieving money from his investors. You immediately go to check your account and impinge on that all of the money you sacrificed and struggled to save is gone and you now have no money to retire on. For legion(predicate) people this scenario is their reality, they invested with Bernie Ma doff whowas running an so-called ponzi scheme. Not only did people losetheir life savings, but in what many considered a slap in the face the conceive allowed Madoff to be released on bail while awaiting trial. This man who is charge of ruining the life of many people is awaiting trial in a multimillion dollar condo in the lap of luxury. The curiosity is should Madoff be allowed to be released on bail or should he have remained incarcerated? My answer to this question is he should be released. I realize that may non be the most common land answer, but according to our Bill of Rights in the United States of the States you ar innocent until proven guilty. Another reason I cerebrate he should be released is that this crime, while it affected many people, was not a violent crime, it was a white thieve crime. allow’s first take a run into at what the rights of the accused are in this situation. Whether you like it or not every American citizen has rights given to them, whether it is from the Bill of Rights,! Constitution, or the laws of the affirm in...If you want to get a full essay, gild it on our website:

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