Thursday, January 23, 2014

Illiteracy: an Aviodable Affliction

Illiteracy: An Avoidable Affliction In the investigative discover The Homeless and Their Children by Jonathon Kozol taken from Rachel and Her Children (1988), Kozol tries to raise illiteracy cognisance by investigating the correlation between illiteracy and rooflessness. to a greater extent specifically he focuses on one muliebrity, Laura, and her four children, and her struggles with free-and-easy life repayable to illiteracy. Kozol describes the disheveled conditions of the Martinique Hotel, a New York urban center welfare hotel, where Laura and four hundred other homeless families live. Kozol starts his piece having just met a broken illiterate woman he refers to as Laura. She has lived on the seventh floor of the Martinique for dickens years. When introduced the origin thing Laura asks of Kozol is that he read her a garner from the infirmary. The letter, which is weeks old, states her firstborn male child has tested positive for moderate poisoning, and she should bring him to the hospital for treatment immediately. Laura had left the letter in a snooze of unreadable papers. Lauras room at the Martinique is almost unlivable. thither is sewage on the floor due to the bathroom measure overflowing. A radiator valve is broken, and as Kozol states, every presently and then releases a spray of scalding steam at the warmheartedness level of a child. (p. 252) The crib, which the hotel provides, is unsafe for her infant daughter. The paint on the walls is chipping go away lead based chips on the ground for the children to eat. This is where her eldest son contracted lead poisoning. These maladies pick up been brought to the attention of the management, with no results. If that wasnt enough, to make matters worse Laura was unable(p) to read a text file sent by her welfare office. This resulted in her not acquire her benefits for that week. Due to it world the weekend, the city run crisis cen! ter at the Martinique was closed. As a result of this Kozol states,...If you want to get a full essay, value it on our website:

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