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Disaster Management1Running head : THE TYPES OF THREATS , THE IMPACT AND FOUR STEPS THE PROCESSThe effect and Causes , Process of Disaster Management in the CompaniesCHEN JIANPIBTMEP 100Kargonn Bird11-12-2007AbstractThis treat loosely defines and discusses misfortune attention for companies and the four-step process of casualty trouble . The overlay explains the signifi undersidece of chance management to companies and their assetsIntroductionBackgroundDisasters , whitethorn it be indispensable or artificial , argon occurrences that are inevitable to businesses and companies . They may take the form of an earthquake or informational theft that is every(prenominal) bit tragic to the affected company . Romano emphasizes that companies are commencement to befool that they need to protect their assets both informational and physical (1995 ,P .43 . And so , companies and corporations require developed `Disaster Management as the establish implies , it is a process of dealing if not preventing , disasters done to companies . check to Rike disaster management is divided into three kinds : natural curses proficient impediment and kind activities (2003 ,P .26 . Rike stresses that disaster management isn t however have-to doe with somewhat natural disasters but also technical and man-made disasters that are relatively abundant in most companies which returns a sacking of incomeDefinitionDisaster management , according to Clark , is the process of preparing for mitigating , responding to , and discovering from a disaster (1995 br. 41 . is a professional essay writing service at which yo   u can buy essays on any topics and disciplin!   es! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Clark s statement shows that disaster management is not barely about what companies should do before or during or subsequently a disaster , but what companies should do from before a disaster arises up to the time that the company needs to rectify from the damage that the particular disaster brings to the companyOutlineThis report aims to discuss the typefaces of terror , the impact and four-step process of disaster management and why companies should designate themselves even before a disaster occursThe Types of ThreatRike identifies that disaster management has three sub categories namely : Natural or environ psychical threats , technical hazard and human activities (2003 ,.26The Natural or environmental threats that Rike was referring to are the natural calamities that we are accustomed to such as earthquakes floods , fire , storms , etc . that can cause physical or mental damage to the companies . Ri ke states that human life is always the first detail in any emergency or disaster (2003 ,.26 ) and at that place are no other greater threats to human fight duty than natural calamities because of its destructive creator . Technical Hazards can be grouped in seven namely : power outage , bollocks up leak , software failure biologic contamination , propose derailment , toxic spill and electrical shortfall (Rike , 2003 ,.26 . And human activities are the threat that is concerned about human errors , miscalculation and faults ascribable to lack of skill or ignorance . in that respect is a reflexion that No man (or woman ) is ameliorate And so , it is needful for companies to prepare themselves for these kinds of disasters to avoid any evil of valuable incomeImpact of DisasterOne type of the impact of disaster is the development...If you want to educate a large essay, order it on our website:

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