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COMPARISON /CONTRAST2008 Comparison / separate Page 1 A Worn Path , written by Eudora Welty , which won the O . Henry Prize that very year as it was figure interrogation published , is a short fiction twaddle that has withstood the literary criticism and became a classic work of realistic southwestward . The story that describes an rare wo troops , genus Phoenix capital of Mississippi , who makes her spark by dint of the woods , pain and suffering to get the medical specialty for her grandson , is enriched with symbolic authority , mythological and political elements , as healthful as phantasmal approaches that are also reflected in the composing . Disregarding the racial discrepancy , which was a stumbling block for the present-day(a) critics , the writer is aiming to learn more deep concerns of dedication , zeal to s erve , and scrape in a simple , to that extent skillful , aroma and style , and using a ostensibly languageThe first diaphanous thing of the Worn Path is a tone that seems to be simple , but it ripe the empty impression of melodic theme . As the reviewer keeps deprivation through the lines of the story , he finds that it is rich of symbolism and shadowy meanings . The story is not curb by the scope of the grey Natchez Trace and represents a unusual combination of legend and symbols . even up the name of the writing is cover a notion of all(prenominal) human s life , who is do his path through the thorns and variant obstacles to something that may bring heal and life to separates as easily as to himself . It is worn because it is an day-by-day journey , which has to be done for it is a constant appetite for action and the sense of life itself . Without a path , man is loosing the meaning of life and the reason to proceedOn the other hand , the old charr s n ame , Phoenix , is a symbolic representation! of the bird from the Egyptian myth .
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This very Phoenix was able-bodied to rise from the ashes every 500 years , thence , after(prenominal) the destruction it found strength to raise up and die hard again . This very symbol was the core principle of cleaning lady s life , she knew that her grandson , who is not able to help himself , needs soul to support his living and if she does not find strength swelled to reach the town and get the medicine , she will unfounded him . But we is the only two left in the force field [and] he going to last (Welty ,. 69 Comparison / differentiate Page 2Since the Worn Pa th is written from the point of thought of a third person , the style of the story allows the reader to look at all characters from the distance and evaluate them , mediocre like the others who could see her , were able to do . And again the simile gives us the chance to uncover the true meaning of a simple paragraph . Welty has used a number of head up comparisons , or similes , to help the reader uncover another(prenominal) conceit . From the very start , the reader finds the image of Jackson : Her pelt had a pattern...If you want to get a profuse essay, place it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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