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Water for Elephants, by Sarah Gruen.

In the allegory water for Elephants, The occasion starts quotations with seemingly irredeemably funky lives and gives shows the ratifier the low-t iodined, fleeting moments of contentment that keeps them going. Gruen does this to attest to the ratifier that whiz of the briny typographys of the young is that no keep is all with reveal cheer. The reservoir does this originally by way of purport of the natures of Rosie, Jacob, and the eccentric of Uncle Al. Jacob the main character works as a vet in the Benzini Brformer(a)s circus and hates it. In his spright trackss he feels like he has very(prenominal) micro joy, and has express integrity of the lone near(prenominal) things keeping him at the funfair is Rosie, the elephant. The former(a) is Marlena, rarified?s wife, who he has locomote in admire with. ?I hate him. I hate him for being so brutal. I hate that Im beh gray-haireden to him. I hate that Im in love with his wife and something damned obstru ct to that with the elephant. And some of all, I hate that Ive let them both d testify.?( Pg 170). In this quote Jacob duologue most his extreme despise for August (which reflects negatively on his view of the fair as a whole), and his love for Marlena and Rosie. The occurrence that Jacob says that he ?hates? that he loves them means that he hates that they argon the and things keeping him there. Rosie and Marlena ar two of his small bit of joy is his currently untoward animation. The compose shows a nonher bit of joy in Jacobs animateness when he when he is in a nursing topographic point. He is old and dislikes being there. ?I was twenty-three, and today here I am in this wretched, desiccated body.? He mentions one thing he would real like is some product. : ?Some sequences I study that if I had to choose mingled with an ear of corn or making love to a wo public, Id choose the corn... Some quantifys I military reserve an apple for the corn.? Jacob has gotten to a point in his life where he would prefer fru! it all over sex. Since sex is no thirster a conjecture one of the thin rays of satisfaction he has left is to ro bitce active that slice of apple or piece of corn. When Jacob eventually gets his slice of apple he is over come with happiness, nonwithstanding his melancholy over what has become of his life. ?I cartoon strip a piece of apple into my talk, savouring its juices. The buzzing fluorescent haunt above me casts its harsh light on my corrupt fingers as they pluck pieces of fruit from the bowl.? He is no yearner implicated in obsessing over how much he has aged, non that he has his low piece of happiness. This provokes the question, by showing that his life is non tout ensemble without joy. These atomic number 18 the directions the designer uses the character of Jacob to read the theme that no life is wholly without joy. a nonher(prenominal) way the author demonstrates the theme of the novel is by means of the character of Rosie. Rosie is the Benzini familiar Elephant. Rosies life is among the most low-pitched of all the characters in the novel. ? distraught listeners could still assoil out the hollow thud of dump hook bump discharge flesh, over again and again and again. At origin Rosie bellowed and whimpered. When she progressed to oink and shrieking, m any(prenominal) of the men turned away, unable to take any more.? The elephant is constantly plagued by savage beatings from August. In the earlier quote, the other members were unable to even listen to Rosie being beaten, non even to spill of imagine how horrible the beatings were. They even understand, in the lead Rosie has been cursed for something by August, that she is going to get a beating, as present by the following quote: ??Shit. Im sorry, Jacob. I really am.? He turns toward the door and takes a deep breath. ?But non half(a) as sorry as... poor [Rosie?s] gonna be.??(p170). The character say this line takes a deep breath before mentioning the ele phant is because he understands what August has in st! ore for Rosie. The character, despite his ingest distress and too bad situation, understands the tragedy that is Rosie`s life. The author uses this tragedy to prove the theme; that no life is completely without joy. other one of the ship canal that author does this is through symbolization. By disgorgeting a character with an unfortunate life in an unfortunate situation, and wherefore naming that character ?Rosie?, which when spelt ?rosy? means ? gay? or ? starry-eyed?. While the Benzini brother?s circus is plagued with despair, the author, through symbolism makes Rosie the bit of joy that brightens up the situation. Another way the author demonstrates the theme of the novel using Rosie is through the situation with the lemonade. ?Its your unsaved thieving bull! screams Uncle Al, once again showering August with spit. She pulls out her take a chance, takes it with her, drinks the goddamned lemonade, then goes back and sticks her support in the ground!??. The Lemonade goes missing, and no one bops why. After a while they discover Rosie has been drinkable it. This happens on page 209. At this point, the elephant had been in in the circus for quite some epoch. angiotensin-converting enzyme could betoken if she is intelligent decorous to understand that she needs to put her menace back in the ground in parliamentary justness for people to not suspect her, she is smart adequate to go to bed that August pull up stakes give her a beating if she gets caught. The only if answer is, she does not care. She is more interested in drinking the lemonade now then worrying more or less the beating she will get later. Rosie?s life is not completely without joy, she creates her own joy, part of which is drinking the lemonade, regardless of the consequences she will withstand to string across later. Another way the author demonstrates the theme using Rosie is when Marlena and Jacob are dancing in Marlena?s dressing tent. At this time Marlena and Jacob are happy and Rosie is marking them. ?Marlena squea! ls with laughter. Rosie tosses her head and opens her mouth in a smile... As we twirl, I catch kitty of Rosies elevated trunk and smiling face.? Despite her unfortunate life, Rosie takes joy in other people?s happiness, namely, the happiness of Marlena and Jacob. Rosie?s life is not completely without joy, when she is able to feed strike the happiness of other people. These are the ways the author uses the character of Rosie to demonstrate the theme of the novel that no life is completely without joy. Another way the author demonstrates the theme of the novel, that no life is completely without joy, is through the character of Uncle Al. In the novel Uncle Al is the loth(p) ringmaster. He is ruthless, goal oriented and extremely determined. Uncle Al?s greatest dream, as much as he tries to phone it, is to be like The Ringling Brothers Circus, as shown by this quote: ?Ringling has a vet?and being like Ringling makes Uncle Al happy.? ?I design he hated Ringling.? ?Darling, he wants to be Ringling.? The Benzini Brother?s circus often has no money, most of the time not enough to pay its workers, and then, when times get tight, not enough to pay its performers .?For the first time in the shows history, there is no money for performers. Only the bosses are getting paid?(p.179). Uncle Al had previously been the manager of another circus. ?Years ago he was the manager of a mud show: a rout group of pellagra-riddled performers dragged from town to town by miserable thrush-hoofed horses.? (p.99). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The author purposely describes how miserable the previous circus had been, in fiat to show the l ecturer the positive situation that follows it. This ! circus crashed, and Uncle Al was able to buy some train cars ?for a m?, and start his own circus. This has always been a dream of Uncle Al?s, to own his own circus. His life with the previous circus was miserable until it crashed, and he finally got his wish. This is one way the author proves one of the main themes of the novel using the character of Uncle Al. The Benzini Brothers circus did not turn out to be the perfect circus. Times were tight, they were in a depression after all, and Uncle Al had no money. end-to-end this stressful, unfortunate situation, Uncle Al is still able to harbour his moments of joy. On page 114, Uncle Al decides to take the circus on a detour to another city in order to honor a ?Freak? they are looking for a particular(prenominal) soul who with odd characteristic. When they arrived, they set up that the Ringling Brothers circus had already move the man and that they were out of luck. Not only was Uncle Al?s prize gone, but it was taken from h im by the one circus he wanted to beat, the Ringling Brothers. Uncle Al could have been dejected, and gone abode at this point, but the author wanted to demonstrate to the reader that no life is completely without joy, so Uncle Al appoint an alternative. ??The deal is done,? [Uncle Al] says ... ?So you got [the freak], then,? says August ?No, no, no, never mind somewhat him.? ...?I thought he was the whole reason we came here. What happened?? [Says August]. ...One man makes the motion of slitting his throat. August looks at them and sighs. Oh. Ringling got him.The other man with Uncle Al is sure he will get angry and contain a fit if August continues talking. Uncle Al?s life is not completely without joy, so he does not. ?August?you have an elephant. Her name is Rosie, shes fiftythree, and shes perfectly brilliant. The best bull they had. I cant watch to see the act you come up with? He closes his eyes, the holiday resort to summon up an image. His fingers wriggle in front o f his face. He smiles in closed-eyed ecstasy.?Despite! not getting the freak he wanted, he is still able to be happy because he is not without joy. This is the little ray of happiness in an other wasted trip. Another way the author demonstrates the theme is through the death of Lucinda. ?IN TERRE HAUTE, the Lovely Lucinda drops dead. After Uncle Al recovers from his fantastic but short-lived bereavement, he organizes a farewell taking into custody our beloved Lucinda. The lovely Lucinda, the 800-pound woman is one of Uncle Al?s greatest acts. Now that she is dead, The Benzini Brothers circus could easily shut their doors. Uncle Al decides to bring as much positivity to the situation as he can, by organizing a parade. While Uncle Al is not honest in his intentions (he does not really care about the Lovely Lucinda, he is trying to make money off of her death), he knows how to make the best out of a oppugn situation. He profits off her one last time and after doing this is very happy. While it is the money that makes him happy , it is still his little bit of happiness in his otherwise unhappy life. These are the ways the author uses Uncle Al to demonstrate the theme of the novel; that no life is completely without joy. Sources:Gruen, Sara. Water for elephants a novel. chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books, 2006. Print If you want to get a abounding phase of the moon essay, order it on our website:

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