Friday, October 4, 2013

Taekwondo 1

Taekwondo and Tao Te ChingPracticing military art goes further than fixing a number of techniques applyd to fight the enemy . Each soldierly(a) art has a philosophic system and intragroup filling , which friends large number to learn not sole(prenominal) physical techniques , but excessively grow and fix spiritually . For me , Taekwondo has become that very conspiracy of physical exercises and philosophy that sponsors me to understand the world around me get around . organism an eastern marital art Taekwondo is based on the oriental way of thinking , worship and philosophy . I debate that many ides found in the basic textual weigh of Taoism called Tao Te Ching perfectly correspond to the ideas we learn in taekwondo . philosophical principles applied in Taekwondo can be gived for both(prenominal) , teaching abil ity and body . This martial art helps to train point and gives it new understanding of people and things around . Physical exercises help to train the bodyTaoism is a native Chinese philosophy and pietism , which appeared in the 6 century BC . Lao Tsu and Zhuanzu utter views opposing to those of Confucius . Lao Tsu explicit his philosophical and religions credo in Tao Te Ching , which became the central text of Daoism . The principles of non-action and emptiness taken from Tao Te Ching are the core principles of Daoism . Non-action , the core principle of Tao Te occasion is not that type of non-action as most of the Western credit would perceive it Lao Tsu speaks about that kind of non-action , when being loose to everything that happens around him , a person lets things happen Non-action deals with the trust , which is right of the basic principles of taekwondo . Under trust we understand trust to the foundation and obedience to the things which happened around you . So , we can see that non-action pass in Ta! o Te Ching reflects one of the basic principles of TaekwondoGod is not expressed by any concrete figure in Tao Te Ching . Any creature , which possesses God s nature stand in the side of righteousness . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
These ideas can be linked to court of justice , which is an important part of taekwondo . Spiritual Daoism includes sacrifices to different spirits , the use of amulets to control them . All these tendencies are reflected in the philosophy of taekwondo at the early stages of its development . Daoism underlines the importance of self-perfection and self-development . Lao Tsu is rather quizzical about virtues , such as moral ity , proclaimed by Confucius . Self-perfection and self-development are among the core values of taekwondo . People , who practice this martial art try not besides to become physically strong , but also want to develop a deeper understanding of the main principles of the UniverseTaoism is a teaching of Tao - the essence of everything . Tao is the only thing , for which should strike all the living beings . Lao Tsu does not describe Taoism as a mere application of rules . For him it more often than not consist sof following the cozy nature and looking for inner truth instead of looking for the appreciation of the societyThe True soul avoids extremesself-indulgence , and extravagance...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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