Sunday, September 15, 2013

Human Anatomical Terminology

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affixes Indicating Location, Direction, and Tendency affix coreExample____________________________ Ab-from, awayabnormal - away from normal Ad-to, near, towardadrenal - near the kidney Ante- to begin withantepartum - onward rake of child Brady-slowbradycardia - slow midriff beat Brev-shortbrevity - in a short time Circum- roughcircumocular - around the eye Co-with, unneuroticcoordinate - work together Con-with, together natural - with birth Contra-againstcon drop backdicated - not indicated Counter-againstcounterirritant - against irritation Dis-apart fromdisarticulated - pickings a joint apart Ect- removedectonuclear - outside the nucleus End-withinendocardium - membrane lining inner heart Epi-upon, on top ofepidermis - upon the climb Ex-out fromexhalation - breathe out Hypo-under, beginhypodermic - under the skin Hyper-above, higherhyperactive - higher train activity Im-notimmature - not mature In-notincurable - not curable Infra-under, at a lower placeinfrapatellar - below the knee Peri-aroundpericardium - sac around the heart Post- aft(prenominal)postmortem - after devastation Pre-beforeprenatal - before birth Pro- beforeprognosis - a fore-knowing Super-above, on topsuperciliary - above the supercilium Supra-above, on topsuprapubic - above the pubic bone Sym-with, togethersymphony - sounds contend together Syn-with, togethersynarthrosis - union of bones Trans-through, acrosstransurethral - through the urethra 2. Prefixes Indicating Number and Measurement Prefi xMeaningExample____________________________ ! Uni-oneunicycle - one wheel Mono-one mononucleate - one nucleus Bi- cardinalbilateral - two sides Bin-twobinocular - two eyes Di-twodicephalic - two heads Ter-threetertiary - the tercet part or salute Tri-...If you want to get a wax essay, order it on our website:

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