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Genocide is the intentional, pre-mediated act, of destroying an entire population, through acts of malicious violence and indwelling destruction. Genocide vio previous(a)s everybodys human rights, and should never be tolerated. Yet, in our history it has occurred numerous times. It is difficult to pin point accurately how many times, because the facts can get blurred depending who you are fetching to or what you are reading. Regardless of precisely how many official genocides have taken place, one is one too many. matchless of Americas first know mass Genocides, was the extinction of the Aztec imperium, caused primarily by Cortéss conquest. His conquest, per the definition of Genocide, does not fall below the category of pre-meditated. Compared to Hitlers transparent intentions of wiping out the entire Judaic population, Cortes invasion of America, inadvertently led to the deaths of the entire Aztec pudding stone, mentally and physically. The Aztecs were among the fi rst humans known to occupy North America. During the previous(a) thirteenth century they arrived from the northwest, and quickly began to set up humiliated villages in the Basin of present day Mexico. By 1325, the Aztec empire stretched over the vastness of central Mexico. When the Spanish invaded, their population was estimated to be well over 5 million people. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
They were an advanced civilisation of city-states, held together by their notable military of young, trained Aztec men. As the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, in 1519, they quickly crossed paths with the original inhabitants, and in doing so, passed along a collectio n of infectious malady to the previously u! nexposed Aztecs. Typhus, diphtheria, and the bubonic plague were among those brought to the new world but, the foremost illness was smallpox. Smallpox alone led to the death of nearly 8 million Indians in central Mexico alone. Smallpox, not military labialize with the Spanish, is to blame for the best part of Aztec deaths. For those that did not die from disease, they were...If you penis to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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