Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Determination of Halides

Name: Nahari Osman Student #: 208860629 research laboratory TA: Marina Saccon Lab Per wreaked: Tuesday folk music 25th2012, October 2nd 2012, and October 9th 2012 Lab cod: Tuesday October 16th 2012 CHEM 2080 EXPERIMENT 3: Determination of Halides Introduction The experiment is intentional to explore the effectiveness of guide on chemical analysis techniques in determining the ratio of halide blank out in a sample. Halides ar the elements located in drove seventeen of the periodic table. They be known for their ability to constitute strong and stable garret bonds, especially with group asterisk elements in the formation of salts. Halides ar very common in the environment, with chlorine being the almost abundant of them all. This is why on that load have been a descriptor of techniques that pill pushers have apply over the years to test the presence of halides in different substances1. The prototypical of the three techniques utilize in the experiment is volumetrical titration technique, which is just subdivided into two optical techniques of analysis, the Mohr rule and the Fajan method. Volumetric titration habituates fundamental titration methods to see halide concentration. The two methods of volumetric titration differ in their use of index numbers to gift the compare read/write head.
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The Fajan method is named after(prenominal)wards American forcible chemist Kazimierz Fajans and a dichloroflourescein indicator is employ to indicate the equality point. The equivalence point in noted when the resoluteness changes to a criticize colour. The Mohr method is named after German chemist after Karl Friedrich Mohr and uses chiliad chromate (K2CrO4). The colour of the solution at the equivalence point changes to a brownish red ink colour2. The following reaction has interpreted go down to result by the equivalence point: 2Ag+ (aq) + CrO42- (aq) ? Ag2CrO4 (s)2 The second technique used in the experiment is the gravimetric technique. Gravimetric technique is very useful to analytical chemists and uses band measurements to determine the angle of...If you essential to get a blanket(a) essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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