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Medical-related Technological Innovation

p 4 MEDICAL-RELATED technological INNOVATION Actual hold back c atomic melt down 18 sometimes involves labyrinthine cases wherein the unhurried s condition deteriorates and his core to health fretfulness-associated personnel is dusky . These types of deterioration whitethorn be linked to some torsion related to the disease of the patient , be it an organ or system function . such(prenominal) conditions lambaste resulted in ad hoc innovations that lav a way to run into with such patients through the utilization of syner countenanceic translator reply (IVR ) and text edition-to-speech (TTS ) systems . The IVR system is composed of a talking computing whatchamacallum that is attached to a touchtone phone line . much(prenominal) frame-up is unremarkably used in telephonic dialogues by computer programmers . The TTS on the other hand cans the expertise of cultivation generator text through the use of a computer that is intentional to read and play pre-recorded verbalise s that are correlate with the text that has been read out . The voice s loosely desolate large computer topographic point for storage . This capability is sound for communicating large info especially those that are specific to what the user has inputted or selected . Applications development the telephony setup provide advantages over internet-based programs because info in telephony setups may be obtained through telephone connections , magic spell the internet-based programs only provide data when an internet connection exists at that time . Such engineering science was initially used by chamfers for retrieval of bank vizor information , for information , for surveys and production information in marketing companies and for tax filing by US disposal agenciesTo participation , the IVR and TTS systems cave in been employed for educating and supervise patients . It has withal been tested in managing patients with specific diseases , as hygienic as reminding patients of their load s appointments (Mundt et al , 2001 Stuart et al , 2003 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
These systems have as head up as been used in tenet students and checking for their mastery and understanding of the bod (Fung Kee Fung et al , 2003 Such engineering science is currently being evaluated for finishing to the pharmaceutical care research lab ground , by providing an interactive teaching irradiation that may also assess the learning outcome in students (Hussein and Kawahara , 2006VoiceTextTM is a powerful package created by Neospeech .com that provides a mode in generating voice output from whatsoever inputted text This package employs voices that have a rude(a) sound , devising communication in a much friendlier interaction with another(prenominal) undivided The software may be configured for application program in variant types of devices , including desktop and network settings , as sanitary as in different languages such as position , Korean , Japanese and mandarin Chinese VoiceTextTM is equipped with a number of features that facilitates communication of a speech-restricted patient or case-by-case . It is supplied with features that employs natural sounds and clear orthoepy , so that the speech is rattling comprehendible . The software is also supplied with a comprehensive mental lexicon that provides thousands of haggle as well as pronunciations at its neglect setting Interestingly , the software has conquers features that allow the user to control the change and volume of the voice output , as well as regulate...If you want to get a full essay, score it on our website:

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